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​How do I

place an order?

To place an order from the HOME page, Click on the lotions and salves  section on the top that will bring you to our products page. you can choose either a salve or a lotion. You can choose the smaller  trial or pocket size or the larger normal size. You can also choose our extra Strength products that only come in the larger sizes. one you make your selection and add your quantity to the cart  you can then go to the cart to pay for your products.



& Shipping

After you have chosen which of our products you would like to purchase you can click on the cart section. after you are switched to the cart section check to make sure the correct product is identified  and the correct quantity is marked.  You can use almost any United States Credit or Debit cards to pay for your products.  after completing the card information you can check out.  An email will be sent to us with your order information. once we are ready to ship your product you will receive an email that your order has been processed and is being shipped out with the shipping tracking information!


Secure Ordering

& Payment Options

We use a secure server to process your information so ALL OF YOUR INFORMATION IS SAFE. Our credit card Processor uses the SQUARE credit card processor which is used by Hundreds of thousands of small businesses so your transaction information is safe and secure. your credit or debit card information can be saved only by us for future orders. we do not use a reoccurring charge of any type we will only process an order for you if you request it. this might be a slight inconvenience but for most people the time that it takes to use our product up is different depending on how much you use and how often you use it. We also want to make sure you are 100% satisfied with our product before charging another and automatically shipping it to you. We can ship the product to you! We use the U.S. Post Office to ship our products. We only charge actual shipping charges.




Our return policy is simple - If you're not satisfied with our product because it did not provide any type of pain relief or for any other reason, contact us we will make it right for you with either another product or a refund!