from a dream to reality...       


    Reds Fisch Oils was started in August of 2019 by Brian and Kay Fischer. We Started to make a pain relief cream to help with our own pain. Just like everyone in the world we have our share of pain. We started about a year ago looking for pain relief that we did not have to go to a pain management doctor for.  We started researching different items and found several ingredients that when combined relieve pain quite well. So well in fact that after allowing lots of friends to sample it. We decided to open up our business. Our formulation uses all-natural ingredients. 

   We started with our warming salves, which were working great so our customers asked about lotion,  We then started  to formulate a lotion with the same ingredients which led up to our current line of salves and lotions. We were asked to try to formulate a salve strong enough for horses  We first made sure all of our ingredients were safe to be used on a horse which they were, then we calculated the weight of an average horse verse the average weight of a person so we used the same ingredient additives just made it 8 times stronger. This led to our extra strength salves.

    Unfortunately, we cannot cure pain issues, but we have had some amazing results helping people who suffer from things like Chronic pain such as Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, inflammation in the joints (Bursitis), Tendinitis, nerve pain (Neuropathy) muscle cramps, stretch marks, leg cramps, headaches. Our products will help with the suffering by helping to reduce you pain. We feel our product perform better to reduce your pain than other products.  Arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, lupus, muscle strains, joint issues, knee and back issues, even things like pain after surgeries or after dental procedures and even some headaches. 


    Our products are SAFE for almost anyone to use. We guarantee  our products to have 0.00 % THC (TETRAHYDROCANNABINOL) in them, because we have tested our Hemp seed oils and our suppliers have tested the oils to ensure they have no THC properties. We use a Hemp Seed Oil in our products as a base carrier oil. Carrier oils are used in millions of products as a base! We trust our suppliers so that you can trust us!